FAQ Boudoir Photoshoot

FAQ Boudoir in india

frequently asked questions

Why Choose Yatish for Boudoir Photography?
There are several boudoir photographers in our market, and we encourage you to do some research before choosing a photographer for boudoir. There are different levels of experience, talent and price, but even among the best there are also different styles. As for why you should choose Blush Boudoir, here are a few things to consider:

Yatish has worked with over one hundred boudoir clients over the past eight years. Yatish has worked with clients of every age, shape and size, and know how to pose, use angles and light, and how to make clients feel comfortable in front of the camera. There is simply no other photographer or studio in India that has as much experience as he does, and his work is second to none.

Unlike most other boudoir photographers that rely on rental studios they rent by the hour, Yatish also owns a studio and it is dedicated 100% to our clients. 

questions on boudoir photography

Does it include Makeup and Hairstyling?
No. If you need one, we can arrange it for you.

Do you keep the pictures confidential?
Yes, ofcourse. No pictures are shared anywhere without your consent.

Do I have to go complete nude?
It is completely upto you how much you would like to express yourself.

Does the package include costumes?
Yes some, but we prefer if you can get some outfits which fits you well, specially the lingerie, bikinis, bodysuits, jeans, shirts, crop tops, t shirts, etc,.

Is there any age restriction?
Yes, Only females above 18 years with proper documentation will be shot.

What if I want beautiful pictures of myself but don’t really want to do boudoir?

Yes, of-course. Instead of a Boudoir you could do a lifestyle shoot or think of it like a fashion photoshoot.

Can I do a boudoir with my better half?
Yes of course, our charges would vary for the same.

Does the package include costumes?
Yes you could have a look at our Pinterest Board for the same. And not to worry, we will be helping and guiding you with the required poses and expressions even if you havent posed in front of the camera before.

I am a curvy plus size lady, would that be a problem?
Absolutely not! Infact we love curves.

How will you make me feel comfortable?
We could meet up before the shoot and I can get to know what you want. We could talk and get to know each other before the day of the shoot. If you would like we could also do a trail shoot.

Do you edit my images?
Yes, from basic colour corrections to skin retouching, so that your pictures are as flawless as you are.

Where does the shoot take place?
Generally I shoot at my own studio and Star Hotel Suites or Private residence. 

Thanks so much for your time

I’d love to meet you to discuss about your photo-shoot and occasion day so please do not hesitate and contact me anytime. I am really looking forward to hearing from you.