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yatish - boudoir photographer

Ciao, I am yatish jain, aka richie.

I have enjoyed shooting boudoir and artistic nudes for about a decade now. I started my career as a photographer in 2010 and I’ve had the privilege to photograph hundreds of amazing people from all around the world.

The world is changing and so am I trying to catch up with it. I have recently also started shooting videos of our boudoir sessions and make a 60 seconds edited video out of it.

I have a passion for art nudes and boudoir photography

I believe every woman deserves a beautiful photograph.

My aim is to help women to liberate and take back their feminine power, to help them love and accept their bodies and themselves on their own terms, and not society's terms.

Its about celebrating womanhood. being you!

I have seen woman crying after looking at their photographs taken by me. There have been instances my clients have been more than happy.

— Yatish Jain

Boudoir Photographer.

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I’d love to meet you to discuss about your photo-shoot and occasion day so please do not hesitate and contact me anytime. I am really looking forward to hearing from you.